What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. Veronaristoranti.com on the site only we use cookies that are strictly necessary for navigation on the site or to activate some basic functions. We use cookies to enhance the functionality of our web site by storing, for example, your preferences. The use of cookies also allows us to improve the performance of our website offering you the best browsing experience.
To make best use of the site veronaristoranti.com, it is important to enable all cookies. If you do not wish to enable cookies, or you prefer to disable some specific cookies, you can still browse the site. Most browsers enable cookies by default, but you should see listed later titled “Additional information about cookies” that explains how to activate or deactivate them if necessary.
It is good to know that the cookie will not harm your computer. Cookies store information that we create not attributable to specific persons, but we use the encrypted information to optimize your experience as users. For example, cookies help us detect and fix errors or to identify any products that might interest you, so show them while browsing.
We provide this information as part of the initiatives undertaken in order to comply with current legislation and to guarantee that we will treat your sensitive data with the utmost seriousness and transparency when you visit our site. We know that this is exactly what you expect from us.

The Cookie Policy?

In order to best use the site veronaristoranti.com, it is necessary that your computer, tablet or mobile phone to accept cookies, as only enabling them can make use of custom features of our website.
Our cookies do not store sensitive information such as name, address or payment data: they simply limit themselves to cherish a kind of “key” that, after you register, you will be associated with this information. However, if you prefer to restrict, block or delete cookies veronaristoranti.com or any other website, you can do so directly through your browser. As each browser is different, you must enter the “Help” menu of your particular browser or consult your mobile phone manual on how to change your cookie preferences.
Here is a list of the main cookies used and their purpose. Below you will find information on third-party cookies.

Cookies on the site veronaristoranti.com

Please note that while visiting veronaristoranti.com might notice some cookies are not related to our site. During the consultation of a page in which they were included content from, for example, YouTube or Flickr, you may see of these web sites cookies. veronaristoranti.com is not able to control the dissemination of these cookies.
For more information about these cookies please see the related websites.

Cookies needed for running the “Thumb” Facebook button:
Read the Privacy Policy of Facebook
Cookies needed for playing YouTube videos:
Read the Privacy Policy of Youtube.
Cookies required to run Google Maps
Read the Privacy Policy of Google Maps.
Cookies required to run Google Analytics:
Read the Privacy Policy of Google.

The third-party sites to which you can access through this website are not covered by this policy. veronaristoranti.com disclaims any liability with regard to them. The cookie categories used and the type of processing of personal data by these companies are regulated according to the information made by these companies.

Options on the use of cookies by the site using your browser settings

The delivery of all cookies, both first and third party, can be deactivated by working on the settings on your browser; it is worth noting, however, that this could render useless the sites where you bloccassero indispensable cookie for the delivery of functionality. Each browser has different settings for disabling cookies; we propose links to instructions for the most common browsers.

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Managing cookie preferences of third parties via external sites

To learn more about cookies in general: http://www.allaboutcookies.org
To know more about behavioral advertising, online privacy and manage the preferences of some third-party cookies: http://www.youronlinechoices.com