Typical Tasting Menu
Gallina nostrana with ginger apple and artisan gardener
Local Hen with ginger apple compote and pickled vegetables

Gnocchi with rabbit ragout, fondue of Monte Veronese and truffle, fried sage
Dumplings with rabbit ragout, Monte Veronese cheese fondue and truffle, sage fried

Amethyst honeycomb, potato sauce with saffron, fried porridge
Braised beef cheek with Amarone, saffron sauce, fried porridge

Tiramisu at the pandora of Verona
Tiramisu with Pandoro of Verona

€ 54 p.p.

Meat Tasting Menu
Beef Beef, Parmesan Chips, Truffle Caviar, Wasabi Pea Cream
Beef Tartar with parmesan chips, truffle caviar, wasabi pea cream

Tagliatelle with goat ragout, shiitake mushrooms
Tagliatelle with venison ragout, shiitake mushrooms

Deer fillet, sbrise, red fruits
Deer fillets, oysters mushroom, red fruits

Bavarian cream, biscuit, pear flambé, chantilly to the zabaione
Bavarian cream, biscuit, flambé pears, zabaione chantilly cream

€ 57 p.p.

Fish Tasting Menu
Burnt octopus, green sauce, wicker chips
Octopus, green sauce, cabrette potatoes

Black tagliolino, gallinella, broccoli, shrimp powder
Black tagliolini pasta, sea chicken fish, broccoli, shrimp

Black cod, yellow pepper sauce and ginger, peppercorns, pistachio
Black cod, yellow pepper sauce, turnip tops, pistachio

Semifreddo with jam and hazelnut
Almond and hazelnut parfait

€ 60 p.p.

Vegetarian tasting menu
Bundle with ricotta cheese, nuts, black truffle, cream of spinach
Dumpling with ricotta cheese, nuts, black truffle, spinach cream

Fusillone Felicetti with dwarf cream, basil bread, liquid burrata
Felicetti Fusillone pasta with datterino tomato cream, basil bread, burrata cheese

Cauliflower steak, curcuma cream, crostone, egg in shirt
Cauliflower steak, curcuma cream, bread, poached egg

Bronte pistachio mousse, cooked cream
Bronte pistachio mousse, cooked cream
€ 45 pp

The Menù (pdf)

Menù Tasting (pdf)