Burnt octopus, green sauce, wicker chips
Octopus, green sauce, cabrette potatoes chips
€ 16

Skimmed skimpy cream, curry, almond and salicorn cream
Scallops, cream curry potatoes, almond and sea asparagus
€ 17

To keep shrimp, coconut milk, Cantabrian anchovies
Shrimp Tartar, coconut milk, hearts chicory salad with Cantabrian anchovies
€ 17

Gallina nostrana with ginger and gardener apples
Local Hen with ginger apple compote and pickled vegetables
€ 16

Beef Beef, Parmesan Chips, Truffle Caviar, Wasabi Pea Cream
Beef tartar with parmesan chips, truffle caviar, wasabi pea cream
€ 18

Scaloppa of foie gras, pere with red recioto, pan brioches, goat’s cream
Goose foie gras escalop, pears, flowered sweet Recioto red wine,
pan brioches, goat cheese
€ 19

Bundle with ricotta cheese, nuts, black truffle, cream of spinach
Dumpling with ricotta cheese, nuts, black truffle, spinach cream
€ 14

First dishes
Green Tortilla with spinach and cottage cheese, stuffed cod
Green tortellini with spinach and ricotta cheese, salted codfish creamed
€ 15

Black tagliolino, gallinella, broccoli, shrimp powder
Black tagliolini pasta, sea chicken fish, broccoli, shrimp
€ 18

Calamarata Felicetti with pumpkin cream, parsley oil, Cabras bottarga
Felicetti Calamarata pasta with pumpkin cream, parsley oil, Cabras Bottarga (dried eggs)
€ 17

Gnocchi with rabbit ragout, fondue of Monte Veronese and truffle, fried sage
Dumplings with rabbit ragout, Monte Veronese cheese fondue and truffle, sage fried
€ 16

Tagliatelle with goat ragout, shiitake mushrooms
Tagliatelle with venison ragout, shiitake mushrooms
€ 17

Fusillone Felicetti with dwarf cream, basil bread, liquid burrata
Felicetti Fusillone pasta with datterino tomato cream, basil bread, burrata cheese
€ 14 (min 15)

Risotto Selection
Risotto is served for a minimum of two people
The risotto will be prepared for minimum two guests

Risotto with saffron, frosted priest priest’s hat
Risotto with saffron, braised beef shank
€ 18 p.p. (min 2 p – min 18)

Risotto with porcini, black truffle, smoked ricotta cheese
Risotto with mushroom porcini, black truffle, smoked ricotta cheese
€ 18 p.p. (min 2 p – min 18)

Second courses
Fish soup
Fish soup
€ 18

Rombo, mayonnaise with capers, tagliasche olives, beetroot
Turbos, mayo capers, sweet olives, sweet & sour mustots
€ 21

Black cod, yellow pepper sauce and ginger, peppercorns, pistachio
Black cod, yellow pepper sauce, turnip tops, pistachio
€ 22

Amethyst honeycomb, potato sauce with saffron, fried porridge
Braised beef cheek with Amarone wine, saffron sauce, fried porridge
€ 17

Deer fillet, sbrise, red fruits
Deer fillets, oysters mushroom, red fruits
€ 21

Beef fillet, foie gras, chicory, cereal bread, sauce at the port
Black Angus fillet, foie gras, chicory, bread cereals, Porto sauce
€ 27

Cauliflower steak, curcuma cream, crostone, egg in shirt
Cauliflower steak, curcuma cream, bread, poached egg
€ 15

Bavarian cream, biscuit, pear flambé, chantilly to the zabaione
Bavarian cream, biscuit, flambé pears, zabaione chantilly cream
€ 8,00

Semifreddo with jam and hazelnut
Almond and hazelnut parfait
€ 8,00

Bronte pistachio mousse, cooked cream
Bronte pistachio mousse, cooked cream
€ 8,00

Tiramisu at the pandora of Verona
Tiramisu with Pandoro of Verona
€ 8,00

Modica Chocolate Tortilla with almond ice cream
Modica cholate soufflé with almond ice cream
€ 9.00 (8 min)

Clock of selected cheeses
Selection of cheese
From € 10.00 to € 15.00

The Menù (pdf)

Menù Tasting (pdf)