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Welcome to the Ristorante-Enoteca Maffei, in the heart of Verona, in a setting reminiscent of the millenniums of history surrounding it

The Palace, built in head to Piazza delle Erbe from a branch of the great family Maffei, is the most sumptuous conclusion of this millennial place already Roman "forum" perennial heart and Verona market.

It is unique in the panorama of the city's architecture, usually more composed, so that it is believed that the project could have been done by some architect in Rome, where Maffei had acquaintances.

The Palace, which they really do not have much information, most likely originated around 1626 and in 1663 had to be now nearing completion. 

Maffei palace stands on the site where, according to archaeologists, in Roman times was the Capitol, the main temple of the city.

The statues of gods greek-Roman decorating the beautiful balustrade of the terrace of the Palazzo Maffei seem remember the ancient temple and almost mimic the glance on the hole that the visitor entered the city from the thistle (now Via Cappello) he might have had.

Still, in the wine cellar you can admire the remains of walls belonging to an imposing building dating back to Roman times and that extended to the adjacent Court Sgarzerie.

Being in Piazza Erbe, a must for any guided tours in Verona, is an integral part of the visit to the old town.


An unusually Baroque scenery in a city where you have always appreciated the classicism.

But the branch of St. Benedict 's, Maffei said "square" to the place where their banking, intended to bring up here his power and wealth and built the Palace in 1668 "designs came from Rome": the test of power and wealth.

You do not know the name of the architect but he admires the valentia in the structures and in the prodigious spiral staircase which rises from the basement to the terrace by placing only step on stage without the usual "plug".

A staircase that is screwed by deep meandering that continue to reveal evidence of ancient Roman buildings, columns, capitals, and ari-last which is the altar "Iovi Optimo Maximo Ordo Veronensiom" to Jupiter Optimus Maximus from the Municipal Council of Verona " in what was once the roof garden with cypresses, lemons, oranges, citrons and fountains.

Written, mottoes and sayings adorn the yard and pronounce: 'affluentia not Continence", a modest Club, not a wealth without measure; or "do maior ansuri Maiora census", ready to large businesses if is greater wealth.

Wisdom, hubris, arrogance and audacity of someone who feels at the Summit. Inside, noble plans, frescoed rooms, rich in stuccoes and "aura".

Maffei restaurant – offers its hospitality in this environment full of pleadings and atmosphere of a family and a city.

At the top of the balustrade that closed the hanging garden winds the Ballet from 17th-century opera performed by the gods of Olympus.

From right Minerva, Apollo, mercury, Venus, Jupiter and last White Parian marble as found in the dungeons instead of Tuff, the mighty Hercules.